Chamber Music DNA

81tvGNlDlwL._SY355_National teacher appreciation week past us a few weeks ago and I sent out the usual emails to my former teachers thanking them for the years of inspiration.  My hope is that this post substitutes having missed several extremely important and influential members of that team.

Having  had the pleasure of learning from three member of the New York Brass Quintet directly, I count myself as lucky to have learn and laugh with those mentors.

MI0003403944As I write this post I am listening to Alec Wilder’s  “Suite For Brass Quintet” performed by NYBQ. Special thanks to Trombone Keiji on Youtube for gifting us with this upload.

For more on the New York Brass Quintet  look up ” The New York Brass Quintet: Its History and Influence on brass Literature and performance” and check out some of their recordings on iTunes or wherever you fine some of their awesome recordings.

Ed Castro


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