Important Albums

When I think about important works for brass quintets two albums come to mind right away. In part, because of the spectacular playing but more importantly because of the impact all of these works have had on the brass community. Most of the pieces performed on both of these albums have become standard repertoire for…

(20) Saoko – YouTube

This is a cool piece and more people should know about the composer’s music. Her name is Tania Leon and we should know her music.

Lyric Brass CD Release | Music | PLU

This week we sat down with Dr. Zachary Lyman to talk about everything from recording issues and Bach, to the new Lyric Brass CD and everyone involved in this project. Source: Lyric Brass CD Release | Music | PLU

Blackbird Variations

I remember listening to Blackbird Variations by Robert Dennis and wanting for a  hint of the song by the Beatles. Soon after I learned that the piece performed by the American Brass Quintet on the recording titled New American Brass released in 1992, was based on the poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by …

Drei Stücke

Not too long ago I was swimming in a sea of modern music. After a while I found myself listening and enjoying a piece by Stefan Hakenberg written for brass quintet. Drei Stücke offers great opportunities for brass players who want to stretch out with some funky rhythmic expressions in the first movement, explore a…

George Walker Music For Brass Quintet

A few weeks ago I was thinking about composers of color and their contributions to brass quintet literature. I came across George Walker’s piece Sacred and Profane and instantly fell in love with it. Now I can start searching for more brass quintets written by people of color.

Evanescence by Robert Starer

I’m often surprised at some of the pieces of music I only get to hear in recordings. It’s seems more like a  secret that I get to keep all to myself. However, in this case I feel compelled to share my interest in a Robert Starer brass quintet.   My infatuation with Evanescence by Robert…

Street Song by Michael Tilson Thomas

Sometimes I get mad at composers for not writing for brass quintets. Composers like Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein. Yes I know Bernstein wrote Dance Suite in 1989, and a handful of fanfare,  but those pieces are six and a half minutes long combined. Luckily in 1988 we were gifted Street Song by Michael Tilson Thomas….

Chamber Music DNA

National teacher appreciation week past us a few weeks ago and I sent out the usual emails to my former teachers thanking them for the years of inspiration.  My hope is that this post substitutes having missed several extremely important and influential members of that team. Having  had the pleasure of learning from three member of the…

New Years Day Performance

Mosaic Brass Quintet had a great time performing live on KING FM on New Year’s Day. Afterwards we made a video: Enrique Crespo: Suite American No. 1, Ragtime | Mosaic Brass Quintet